Product Application

Protect complex Excel calculations

    regpx publications parse your calculations, the underlying spreadsheet containing your parameters and calculations is never exposed:
  • this makes a regpx publication a powerful tool to create complex evaluations and reports from data entered by users;
  • integrity of data is guaranteed as the underlying formulae cannot be manipulated;
  • the outcomes of the evaluations and reports can be depicted visually in real-time;
  • multiple users can enter data simultaneously;
  • permissions ensure that users can only enter data in the fields that they have been given access to.

Interactive Publications

    Interactive publications integrate Word, Excel, vector files and images into a single publication.
    Among the many product applications are:
  • Training materials;
  • Publications requiring rapid updating with new material on an ongoing basis;
  • Manuals on descriptions using images and vector files to guide the user ;
  • Catalogues;
  • Price lists and order forms.

Dynamic Publications

    Entry fields can dynamically appear depending on the information provided by the user. A dynamic publication ensures:
  • integrity of data collected for further processing;
  • verified user identity;
  • level of compliance can be determined in suite;
  • systems integration, data collected can be exported in XML or SQL format for further processing;
  • information only entered at one point.

Publications for management

Customized or bespoke dashboards can be created for the management of the data of a group of users cost effectively and in a short space of time.

The advantages of implementing a dashboard:

  • weekly, monthly or for arbitrary period - monitoring of data submission with feedback;
  • permissions control - who can see what;
  • simultaneous monitoring of progress;
  • risk levels can be identified at a glance from pre-calculated parameters;
  • data is collected in a workgroup setup.

Mapping a complex process

Maps simplify complex processes by breaking up the process into its component parts to guide a user on what they are required to do.

The advantages of mapping a complex process:

  • enhanced and directed navigation;
  • process steps where necessary;
  • guidance as an instant and brief help system;
  • highlights important pages and features;
  • ensures compliance with processes.

Mapping and analyzing contracts

Mapping complex and involved contracts into their component parts identifies what must be done by whom and when.

The advantages of mapping a contract are:

  • improves understanding and control of the contract;
  • sets up compliance parameters and conditions;
  • guide staff on what they are required to do and when;
  • provides brief and instant help;
  • illustrations and diagrams used in the contract can be viewed securely in high resolution.

Simplifying a complex process

By applying conditionality to complex forms, fields can open or close depending on the selections made.

The advantages of simplifying a complex process:

  • improves understanding by the user on what needs to be done;
  • data collected can be ported directly to the ERP (or other) for further processing;
  • only the required data is collected;
  • drop lists and other qualified entry decrease errors;
  • elimination of visible calculations prevents “fudging” by users.

Managing the process for compliance

To ensure that compliance occurs, the process for compliance must be mapped to fully understand what is required to be done and by who.

The advantages of mapping a compliance process:

  • step by step process ensures that omissions are prevented and errors reduced;
  • only the options applicable for each selection or input become visible;
  • can automatically set alerts for certain outcomes;
  • speeds up the processes and simplifies compliance;
  • outcomes become consistent across operators.

Secure editing and signing of publications with version control

    Contract negotiations can be entered into in an encrypted and secure environment, where:
  • identity of the parties to the contract are verified with their machine metric;
  • viewing and printing permissions ensure confidentiality of content;
  • editing is tracked and identified with versioning;
  • alteration occurs in a secure and controlled manner;
  • unlike some word processors, versioning cannot be “turned off” by any of the parties.

Other Publications

    regpx publications can be used to direct, train and inform a user. Further settings for regpx are, amongst others:
  • compliance manuals and procedures;
  • publications that need rapid and cost effective creation and maintenance with daily updating;
  • publications that need to be completed in a workgroup setting;
  • interactive price lists and catalogues;
  • creatIon of task lists, training material and audit reports based on rules and instruction sets – ensuring compliance.