Solutions Provided


Current tools such as emails, cloud computing and other developments have brought about great improvements but also many challenges when dealing with publications.

Every email, document, spreadsheet, picture and drawing can be considered to be a publication, all of which are created using different tools and shared across different platforms.

The flwpx eco-system enables you to customise, control and communicate a publication within one secure platform.

regpx provides clients with solutions that increase productivity by improving the understanding of and compliance with their publications. A user is directed on how to complete the publication and whose actions can be tracked.

Complexity in dealing with publications

Using electronic means to create a publication promotes easy access for duplication, alteration and dissemination.

Currently the protection of intellectual property can only occur via expensive legal processes, as there are no other tools to protect these publications.

Creating forms which can be completed is expensive and lacks direction on how to complete these forms.

The collection of data provides complexity about privacy, security, verification and the separation of ownership rights.

This complexity requires a new approach to creating and sharing publications that is bespoke and secure.

Improving communication

regpx engages with its clients to identify what is required to improve their communication. regpx creates publications using Robotic Process Automation (“RPA”) that change the level of understanding, thereby improving revenue and efficiencies by reducing errors made on a daily basis.

These dynamic interactive publications minimise breakdowns in communication, by reducing the following errors:

  • Misunderstanding between participants ;
  • False data being provided ;
  • Lack of reliability of the data;
  • Delays due the turnaround time to communicate;
  • Lack of accountability to provide correct data;
  • Imperfect transfer from one publication to the next.

Mapping a library of information

Every business today creates a library of information, from which various parties have to add or extract information. Central storage of the information may solve a part of the problem, but it does not solve the problem of providing specific individuals with specific information.

Mapping information, allows for the bespoke customisation of publications for specific parties. Not only can regpx map and create bespoke publications, but it is also able to customise the publication for dynamic interaction for the user.

The completed form data in this secure publication can be extracted into existing enterprise resource programs (“ERP”). The mapping technology can be used on a specific instruction set or on a entire company library.

Compliance solutions

    We provide comprehensive compliance solutions, enabling the client to:
  1. Simplify - Prioritise or risk-rank execution activities, via task allocation, to shift employee focus to high-value activities;
  2. Standardise - Rationalise frameworks, policies, procedures, methodologies, and approaches throughout the organisation;
  3. Automate - Harness the power of enabling innovative technologies to automate repetitive and manually intensive tasks (Robotic Process Automation);
  4. Control - Implement a technology strategy and architecture to enable coordination and control of compliance risk activities;
  5. Enhance - Optimise visualisation tools, processes, and case management; develop continuous improvement capabilities to increase value and decrease costs;

Consulting & constructing publications

  • regpx engages with a client to establish their requirements based on protection of data and automation of documentation to improve efficiencies and control of processes in their business;
  • once the needs of the client are defined, regpx designs and delivers bespoke documents capturing the specific business requirements using a peer to peer encrypted communication solution;
  • regpx uses a rapid prototyping model to deliver a proof of concept;
  • projects are delivered in modular form, clients are able to view and interact with the progress made on a daily or weekly basis;
  • clients are able to manage the adoption of their solution according to their cash flow planning.

Convert standard publications

    regpx provides a comprehensive solution by converting standard publications into regpx publications to solve clients problems:
  • Smart - mapping and adapting according to inputs and requirements;
  • Secure - data is exchanged on a secure peer-to-peer basis without the Cloud;
  • Interactive - collect data from a number of parties in a workgroup setting using a single document;
  • Agile - able to rapidly audit and adjust content using existing MS Office products;
  • Right to be forgotten - users able to set expiry of their data within the eco-system.

Customization of publications

regpx provides the client with a method to customise, communicate and control the content of a publication, while retaining ownership of that publication.

    Ownership implies the dual ability of customisation, and of control over alteration and dissemination :
  • Customisation enables a dynamic and interactive document, guiding the user on how to complete the publication ;
  • Alteration control and management provides protections for the customised publication and enables workgroup functionality ;
  • Dissemination control is enabled with a proprietary and secure transmission technology ;

regpx solves publication security

    regpx provides a comprehensive solution for the protection of data collection, transmission, storage and deletion in line with the current data protection regulations of the EU:
  • control the collection and consolidation of information in a secure eco-system;
  • machine id acts as a digital signature and verifies the participants;
  • unalterable secure time stamped version control;
  • immediate expiry and deletion of a publication on demand;
  • selective viewing and editing privileges in a workgroup setting.

regpx time stamped and machine verified

    regpx for authentication of data messages and prevention of tampering in an offline and online use case provides
  • a user is uniquely identified using a machine metric;
  • there is no need to for a separate encryption key as all publications use an algorithmic encryption key and can only be decrypted by the machine that has been assigned permission;
  • tampering of a flwpx file invalidates its encryption, triggering an automatic re-transmission and over right;
  • each message uses a custom hashing algorithm as part of the tamper detection mechanism;
  • message time stamps cannot be modified as this violates the tamper detection mechanisms.